Libros para emprendedores digitales con ganas de aprender

9 books for digital entrepreneurs that you should read yes or yes

In general, but in marketing and online entrepreneurship in particular, there is a huge amount of information. Many times far from helping, it confuses and can be difficult to separate the relevant from the superfluous. Because let’s not fool ourselves on the Internet there is a lot of smoke, and in this post we will see what is hidden behind it.

If you’ve seen the header image and have noticed the table, I confirm, is the table of Ikea. As for the books that appear there are some of the most interesting books I’ve read lately. I also think that if you are thinking or have already mounted something on the Internet this list will be super interesting.

They are ordered in such a way that the first books are related to give form to the project. While those at the end of the list are aimed at action, measurement and optimization.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Fundamental book in the most initial phase to create and give form to your business. The main idea he handles is that there are two types of oceans/markets: red and blue. Red oceans are saturated markets with fierce competition fighting for a scarce market share and very tight margins. While the blue oceans are untapped markets where there is almost no competition and profits are much higher.

The book goes deeper and deeper into different actions to find the coveted blue ocean. Although I warn you that it is a bit long, and not exactly the most entertaining book on this list. However, its reading is highly recommended.

The Lean Startup

Since its launch Lean Startup has caused a before and after. Its author Eric Ries explains how to create successful companies using continuous innovation. The search for this sustained improvement over time is, in Ries’ eyes, what every company should aspire to.

To pursue this goal Ries develops the concept of Minimum Viable Product or the concept of pivoting. Besides spreading the five whys to solve most problems. An absolutely fundamental book that once read you will see references to it continuously.

Building a StoryBrand

Donald Miller talks about the importance of stories as generators of interest and their usefulness in connecting with the audience. The difference between a good and bad movie, book, series… is and will always be the story.

The key is to hook, for that Miller takes as a base the classic journey of the hero and adapts it to business communication. And when it is done suddenly everything fits. Suddenly all the communication and messages are super clear and work perfectly.

I’ve applied this script several times and it works like a charm. You can read the book or you can contact me to help you [message of autobombo]. Either way, it’s a great book and very easy to read. Far from what it may seem, it is smoke-free.

Dotcom Secrets

With Russell Brunson the smoke detector breaks, but if so then what does it do in this list you will wonder. The answer is that at the same level of smoke you sell is the quality of its contents. Brunson is practically the father of digital funnels. Creator of the ClickFunnels tool this book along with all the related content it has is his hook for you to end up hiring his tool.

Apart from all the above, the book is incredible, the clarity and ease with which it conveys such useful information is astounding. If you already have a product/service but you still don’t have enough traffic or you simply want to improve sales this is your book.

Growth Hacking: Supera el reto de crear productos digitales exponenciales

The book that Luis Díaz del Dedo founder of Product Hackers has brought out is on another level. Perfect if you are starting out in the world or for those who have been in the growth business for a while.

It’s a book that you can look at from every angle and it’s super recommendable, and it’s smoke-free. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best readings you can do on digital business development.

Lean Analytics

Lean Analytics is a legitimate child of the Lean Startup method book we discussed a little earlier. In this case Croll and Yoskovitz focus on analytics a piece that in Lean Startup is mentioned repeatedly. A piece that however is not developed in depth in the original title.

This book could be considered as the Lean Startup method taken to the analytical and where it is detailed that it should be measured according to the type of business. I will not deceive you it is not an easy book to read but its content well deserves an attentive reading.

Launch Formula:an internet millionaire´s secret formula to sell almost anything online, build a business you love, and live the life of your dreams

With Jeff Walker it’s a bit like with Russell Brunson, although perhaps not so exaggerated. In Launch Formula Walker details the method by which he has raised thousands and thousands of dollars. And how did he do it? Well, thanks to his mailing list and a correct sequence of emails.

This method, which as you can imagine gives its name to the book itself, has been replicated hundreds and hundreds of times. Sometimes with slight variations and other times following it step by step. What is clear and seeing its success is that it must work.

So if you have a mailing list that you are not taking advantage of, you should read this book, but don’t let the smoke blind you.

Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days

Jake Knapp of Google Ventures created the methodology in this book, and when someone from Google speaks the smartest thing is to stop and listen. Sprint was born as a validation tool. Does that sound true to you? Yes, and it’s very much linked to the Lean Startup method, again.

Sprint details the whole process that must be followed to find the solution to the problem, usually the most pressing, select a solution from several and test it through individual interviews and in experiences as real as possible.

It does not matter if it is a product that is not yet complete. Nor does it matter if there is someone behind it pulling the strings instead of a computer system. The important thing is to test whether the solution to the problem works or not.

CRO Diseño y desarrollo de negocios digitales

The CRO aims to improve the conversion rate of a website. It is no longer important to just attract traffic, which also, but that traffic has to be converted. And in order for it to convert, it must be made easier and its experience must be improved. The CRO is about this and Ricardo Tayar founder of Flat 101, puts the bases in this book about what the CRO is and what it consists of.

He has recently released a new book that is more practical than this, and is on my to-do list. However, this book is an excellent approach to the CRO. It’s a great read when you start generating traffic to your website but don’t get your sales off the ground or just want to get better.


So far the list of recommended books for online entrepreneurship. If you miss any book or want to make any kind of contribution, leave your message in the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible.

He has recently released a new book that is more practical than this, and is on my to-do list. However, this book is an excellent approach to the CRO. It’s a great read when you start generating traffic to your website but don’t get your sales off the ground or just want to get better.

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